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Breast Implant Exchange Arizona

Dr. Aldo Guerra breast implant exchanges in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Breast Implant Exchange - Quick Facts

Average Length:1-2 Hour(s)
Location:Certified Outpatient Center
Recovery:Back to work less than 1 week
Full exercise 6 weeks
Improving the Experience:3-Day Pain Reducing Pump
Am I a good Candidate?Healthy
No medical conditions that reduce wond healing
Unhappy with size and shape of breasts
Age of breast implants
Firmness, ripples or deflations
Realistic goals and expectations

Breast augmentation is not permanent.

Breast augmentation in Arizona is a popular procedures and it's known to offer one of the highest rates of satisfaction among women undergoing plastic surgery. Breast augmentation is a safe and predictable plastic surgery procedure that can lead to significant changes in a woman's appearance, confidence and self-esteem. However, the breast augmentation results cannot be expected to last forever. As the years progress after breast augmentation surgery, some women feel their breasts change in shape, and perhaps even in size. If that has happens, a breast implant exchange is a popular option which helps to restore the self-confidence and improved appearance of the original breast augmentation.

Breast implants are not lifetime devices.

A very common misconception among breast augmentation patients is that breast implants are permanent. On the contrary, breast implants are not considered “lifetime” devices and may be exchanged when patients desire to achieve a different look or different size. While some women seen at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center have had their breast implants for decades, most women will have their breast implants exchanged within the first ten or fifteen years after surgery for a variety of reasons.

Is it time to exchange your breast implants?

Some women request breast implant exchange simply because of the age of the breast implants. Other women may request a new shape of breast implant that was not available at the time of the original breast surgery. While others still have decided to upgrade to a bigger cup size or from saline breast implants to silicone breast implants. In fact, the most common reason for implant exchange at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center has been the desire to change the size of the breast cup. Women may also experience sagging of the breasts some years after the original breast augmentation procedure, and may request a breast implant exchange with a breast lift as a simultaneous procedure, to restore a more youthful appearance to the breasts. Occasionally, we see a patient that requests surgery for an unnatural firmness “capsular contracture” of the breasts, for the treatment of ripples or for breast implants that have become deflated.

Select a Top Doctor for your breast implant exchange in AZ.

Phoenix Magazine Top Doctor 2011

Aldo Guerra, MD, FACS was selected as a Top Doctor in Phoenix Magazine Top Doctor April 2011 Issue with the voting done by other physicians. He specializes in breast surgery in Arizona. He is a very talented plastic surgeon and has been known to listen carefully to the wishes of his patients to help them get a beautiful breast implant exchanges. Explore out more details about this top plastic surgeon in AZ.

Breast implant exchange before and after photos.

Boob Job Photos
Breast surgery before and after photos, actual patient.

Free Consultation


Free consultations for breast implant exchange surgery.

Arizona has beautiful weather for most of the year and it's perfect for showing off your fuller, bigger and perkier-looking breasts. Breast augmentation is our #1 procedure. Dr. Aldo Guerra specializes in giving patients a beautiful breast augmentation result. The breast augmentation surgery in AZ involves selecting either silicone breast implants or saline breast implants that are both FDA approved. We have the full range of breast implants in the office so at your consultation you can try on the different shapes and sizes.

Upgrade from saline to the latest silicone breast implants.

Upgrading from saline breast implants to silicone breast implants is a common reason for considering a breast implant exchange surgery in AZ. While saline breast implants can result in excellent outcomes for most patients, some women become concerned that these breast feel firmer and less “natural” than their natural breasts. Saline breast implants also can predispose you to “ripples” that can be seen and felt at the sides of the breasts. Rippling can be corrected by changing saline breast implants to FDA-approved silicone gel-filled implants, which are softer and more natural than saline breast implants.

Dr. Aldo Guerra recommends silicone breast implants.

Our advice for patients that want a softer and “most natural” breast augmentation is silicone breast implants. Saline and silicone breast implants may experience leaks at the external shell which would prompt a breast implant exchange. Leaks are usually due to “wear and tear” and are more likely seen in older implants. When a saline breast implant leaks it becomes completely deflated and requires a replacement saline breast implant to restore a normal appearance. Silicone breast implants ruptures are less obvious, but should also be exchanged by a board certified plastic surgeon for optimal results.

Every breast augmentation patient will need an exchange.

Dr. Aldo Guerra advises all breast augmentation patients that an eventual breast implant exchange should be anticipated sometime in the future. Patients experience less pain and have a faster recovery because the pocket for the breast implants already exist. This is especially true if the patient has large pockets for the breast implants that are soft and require no manipulation of scar tissue. If significant scar tissue correction is required during a breast implant exchange, then there is more discomfort and more work for they physician. When the capsule surrounding the breast implant is tight and very scarred, then extra scar tissue manipulation will be required by the plastic surgeon to place the new breast implants. If the entire implant tissue capsule has to be removed at the time of breast implant exchange, a procedure called “complete capsulectomy”, will be required which can add more discomfort to the breast implant exchange. Repositioning of the breast implant from above to below the chest muscle causes the most discomfort after breast implant exchange. When more work is required, more discomfort is anticipated after the surgery. However, discomfort is still typically less than with the original breast augmentation surgery.

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